1. To encourage Lions Clubs to fulfil their Charter Obligations and also that of their own Club.
   2. To motivate Lions to work together as a Team.
   3. To recognise and appreciate Lions Club’s efforts in meeting the criteria set by the District Governor.

The Club Awards will be based on point system assigned to each criteria. To qualify, Clubs need to fulfil the fundamental Charter Obligations as follows:

1) Administration
2) Meetings
3) Fund Raising • (including contributions to LCIF)
4) Membership – to have net growth (excluding transfers and reinstatements)
5) Participating and supporting District Programs and Activities
6) Participating and supporting Entities & their Activities
    – Lions Home for The Elders
    – Lions Befrienders Service Association (SIngapore)
7)  Attending Training, Workshops and Seminars
8) Organise at least a service project


• Timely Payment of LCI and District Dues – Semi Annually on or before 10th September 2023 and 10th March 2024
   (Bonus will be awarded if dues are paid in full and within the first month after email sent by District Secretariat)
• E-Submission of Monthly Membership Report (MMR) and Monthly Activity Report (MAR) before the end of each month (via myLCI)
• E-Submission of PU 101 (via myLCI) on or before 15 May 2024
• Timely submission of Returns to ROS, IRAS and any other regulatory authority
• Availability/Creation of Website via Lions Portal or Club Website and Facebook


    • Hold regular Monthly Meetings at least once a month

    • Attend District Governor’s Advisory Committee Quarterly Meetings

      (Zone Meetings) with at least 3 Club Officers (Club President/Club Secretary/

       Club Treasurer/ Membership Chairperson)

    • District Convention with full delegation

    • OSEAL Forum

    • Lions Clubs International Convention

    • Lions Befrienders Service Association AGM with full delegation

    • Lions Home for the Elders AGM with full delegation

    • Lions SaveSight Centre AGM with full delegation

    • Lions Community Service Foundation AGM with full delegation

    1. Club Donation/Sponsorship :
    • Lions Befrienders Service Association
    • Lions Home for the Elders
    • Lions SaveSight Centre
    • Lions Community Service Foundation
    • D309 Special Projects
    2. Contributions to LCIF :
    • Category 1 : 1 Melvin Jones
    • Category 2 : 2 Melvin Jones
    • Category 3 : > 3 Melvin Jones

3. Contributions to other Approved Charities


A. Service Projects :

• Cancer Awareness

• Diabetic Awareness

• Environment

• Hearing

• Hunger Relief

• Vision

• Youth

(Note: More credits will be awarded for joint clubs projects)

B. Ceremony :

• Inauguration of D309 & Joint Installation of Cabinet Officers & Club Presidents

• District Convention

• District Appreciation and Awards Nite

• Club Induction & Installation Ceremony

• Club Anniversary

• Club Twinning

C. District Programs & Entities Activities :

• Flag Day of Lions Befrienders Service Association

• Flag Day of Lions Home for the Elders

• World Sight Day

• World Diabetes Day

• Lions Peace Poster Contest

• Lions and Leo Clubs Service Projects

• Appreciation and Awards Nite of Entities

• Appreciation and Awards Nite of Lions SaveSight Centre


• Zero loss in membership for full year

• Membership Growth (with retention)

• Sponsor a Lions Club

• Sponsor Leo Club

• Twin new clubs


• Orientation

• Key Officers’ School

• Cabinet Officers School

• Membership Chairman Workshop

• Club Service Co-ordinator Workshop

• Club LCIF Co-ordinator Workshop

• Club Marketing Co-ordinator

• Guiding Lions

• ELLI and training programmes from LCI Institutes


1) Diamond Award

2) Gold Award

3) Silver Award

4) Bronze Award

5) Merit Award


• Top Fund Raisers Award

• Highest Membership Net Growth Award

  (exclude transferred and reinstated members)

• Most Overall Improved Club Award

• New Leo Club Award

• Club Extension Award

• Best Cabinet Officer Award

The District reserves the right to make any modifications to the above Awards Criteria where it deemed fit. The Awards will be based on the criteria above and specific Goals as assessed by an Awards Committee chaired by the District Governor.