Lions Official Protocol – Order of Precedence 2017-2018

1. Presiding Officer of any Lions function

2. Guest of Honour (if any)

3. Special Guest (if any)

4. PID Charlie Chan & his wife CP Dora Chan

5. Centennial DG Gilbert PC Tan & his wife Siew Yau
(or as Presiding Officer in all District functions where the following will be the same, eg Region Chairperson / Zone Chairperson / Club President is the Presiding Officer)

6. Centennial IPCC William Tan (Er)

7. PCC Anthony Cheong & his wife Centennial Honorary Committee Chairperson PDG Isabel Cheong*

8. Multiple District Chairperson, PCC SG Chin & his wife Centennial DC Lely Chin

9. PCC Tommy Choo

10. PCC Dr Winston Koh & his wife Lion Molly Koh

11. PCC Lim Hon Chee PBM & his wife Annie

12. PCC P T Wong

13. Centennial IPDG Nancy Lim & her spouse Lion Richard Koh

14. Centennial 1st VDG Jerrick Tay

15. Centennial 2nd VDG Jeffrey Yang Zheng Dong & his wife Lion Annie Chai

16. Centennial Multiple District Chairperson, PDG Bobby Eng & his wife PP Rosie Eng

17. Centennial Multiple District Chairperson, PDG William Kwok & his wife Agnes

18. Centennial Multiple District Chairperson, PDG Eric Ng & his wife Lee Ching

19. Centennial Multiple District Chairperson, PDG Anthony Tay PPA PBM & his wife Centennial RC Yeo Siew Yam

20. Centennial Honorary Committee Chairperson PDG Isabel Cheong*

21. PDG Philip Chua & his wife Jane

22. PDG Han Thien Fong PBM

23. PDG Sylvester Heng & His wife Lioness Dorothy Heng

24. PDG David Lee & his wife Ann

25. PDG Singa Retnam & his wife Lion Judy Yap

26. Centennial District GMT Co-Ordinator PDG Steven Seah, BBM & his wife PP Lesa Gan

27. PDG Henry Tan PBM and his wife PDG Irene Tan

28. PDG Irene Tan*

29. PDG Tan Kiang Hoo & his wife Lee Yean

30. PDG Leslie Yong, BBM (L) & his wife Juliet

31. Centennial Cabinet Secretary Michael Huang

32. Centennial Cabinet Secretary (Mandarin) Tong Wu

33. Centennial Cabinet Treasurer Eng Chen Lian

34. Centennial District GLT Co-Ordinator Richard Koong

35. Centennial Family & Women District Co-Ordinator Mary Ong

36. Centennial LCIF District Co-Ordinator Marthyn Ting

37. Centennial Region Chairpersons

38. Centennial Zone Chairpersons

39. Centennial District Chairpersons

40. Centennial Club Presidents

41. Past Club Presidents


Download Centennial District 308-A1 Singapore Order of Precedence 2016-2017:
LCS-D308A1 Lions Official Protocol – Order of Precedence 2016-17 (Final dtd 22 Oct 2016)


  •  Acknowledgement of the presences of Past Officers of the Association (POAs) – To recognise alphabetically according to the first letter of surname
  • * When attending Lions Function on their own
  • Acknowledgement of the presences of Cabinet Officers as a group – To be addressed as “Centennial Cabinet Officers” while acknowledging the cabinet office bearers individually as either Cabinet Secretary (English) / Cabinet Secretary (Mandarin) / Cabinet Treasurer / Region Chairperson / Zone Chairperson according to their office/s.

A. General
* The other portfolio may also be mentioned during roll call and recognition but it is not necessary when addressing the dignitary’s title. Only address his/her highest position.

** Vice Council Chairperson shall be recognised accordingly when attending Council functions, e.g. Council Meetings, MD Convention. When attending all other functions e.g. Cabinet Meetings, club functions will be recognised as IPDG.

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