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LCI District 308-A1, Singapore

Clubs Awards Criteria for Fiscal Year 2017-2018

The purpose of Club Awards is to:

i.    Encourage all clubs to fulfill the Charter Obligation of LCI and also that of their own clubs.
ii.   Motivate Lion members to work together as a TEAM.
iii.  Appreciate and recognize Clubs efforts in meeting the criteria set by the District Governor.
iv.  The Awards will be based on a system of points assigned to each criterion.

Clubs are encouraged to meet ALL of the following basic obligations of Clubs in order to be considered for any of the recognition awards. Outlined below are the various criteria and the points assigned to each of them.


Organize Fund Raising activities to the various Lions programs to the Lions Home for the Elders, the Lions Befrienders Service Association, Lions Community Service Foundation and Melvin Jones.

• Category 1: 1 Melvin Jones and below $10,000
• Category 2: 2 Melvin Jones and above $10,000
• Category 3: more than 3 Melvin Jones and above $50,000


a. Service Projects – Environment, Hunger, Youth, Vision, Cancer and Diabetes from 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018 (The 6 LCI Service Framework)

District Special Service Recognition for Club (Club’s MAR must report their participation under this category) who initiated outstanding projects that made an extraordinary impact.

b. Fund Raising Projects
c. Club Twining
d. Induction and Installation Ceremony
e. Club Anniversary


a. Joint Installation of Cabinet and Club Officers at Resort World Sentosa East
Ballroom on 28th July 2017.
b. 100th LCI Convention at Chicago, USA on 30th June to 4th July 2017.
c. 56th OSEAL Forum at Taiwan on 17th to 20th November 2017.
d. 56th Multiple District 308 Lions Convention to be held in Singapore on 27th April to 30th April 2018.
e. Lions Home for the Elders Flag Day on 11th November 2017.
f. Lions Befrienders Flag Day on 30th September 2017.
g. Lions World Sight Day
h. Participating in Lions organized Projects and Activities.
i. Participating Leo Clubs Service Project and Activities.
j. Participating in the Yellow Ribbon Project 2017


a. Club Officers (President, Secretary & Treasurer) and New Members Orientation.
b. GMT, GLT and GST training schools, seminars and workshops.
c. Club Excellence Process Workshops (CLAP)
d. Lions Leadership Institute programs: – Faculty Development Institute (FDI) – Advanced (Senior) Lions Leadership Institute (ALLI) –
Regional Faculty Development Institute (RFDI) – Regional Lions Leadership Institute (RLLI)
e. District retreats and Lions overseas training programs.


a. Net Growth minimum 2 New Members excluding transfers and reinstatement.
b. Retention of Membership is necessary if there is no net growth.
c. Club Extension (Charter New Club)
d. Leo Club Formation


a. Club to hold regular meeting at least once a month
b. Attend 4 District Governor’s Advisory Committee meeting (Zone Meetings) with at least 3 members


a. Payment of LCI and District Dues – Semi Annually On or before 10th September 2017 and 10th March 2018
b. LCI requires all outstanding dues must be paid 15 days prior to MD Convention for vote entitlement
c. E-Submission Monthly Membership Report (MMR) and Membership Activity Report (MAR) on or before 27th Day of each month
d. E-Submission of PU101 on or before 15/05/2018
e. Timely submission of returns to ROS, IRAS and any other regulatory authority

DG’s Advisory Committee to comprise of:

i. President
ii. Secretary
iii. Treasurer
iv. 1st Vice President
v. Membership Chairman


To qualify, the Clubs needs to fulfill the basic fundamentals.

1. Administration
2. Meeting
3. Fund Raising
4. Membership – net growth (excluding transfers and reinstatement.)
5. District Programmed and Activities
6. Training, Workshop and Seminars
7. Each Club should organize at least a service project for the needy community

Dream Team Award – Top 3 highest score
Diamond Award 10 Awards
Gold Award – 20 Awards
Silver Award – 40 Awards
Bronze Award – 20 Awards


a. Club with highest net growth (excluding transferred and reinstated members)
b. Top Fund Raisers
c. Club with highest number of new lady members recruited.
d. Club with highest number of new members recruited from Leo’s
e. Club extension, twinning/Leo Clubs

The District reserves the right to make any modification to the above Awards Criteria where it deemed fit. The Awards will be based on the Achievements on the set Goals as assessed by District Governor and his Team of selected Cabinet Officers.

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