CDG End Milestone Message 2017

End of MileStone Year 2017



To POA, Cabinet Officers, Club Presidents, Lions and Leos

Dear fellow Lions and Leos,

How time flies, and now the time has come….

I am humble and honoured to be able to pen this appreciation and thankful message, one final time as your Centennial District Governor.

My journey as a District Governor ends today, the 3rd of July 2017, but as a member of LCS North, a long seamless Lionistic journey is always awaiting ahead of me and is far from the infinity line.

Thank you for the amazing opportunity to serve and it has been an incredible privilege to work with you during this past Centennial FY 2016/17.

It has been a pretty eventful LCI Centennial history F/Y because we had the opportunity to serve together as Centennial Lions, as we celebrated “100 years of Service” of the world’s largest service organization – LCI.

We have accomplished so many incredible things together but none of them would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all Lions like you.

Today, District 308-A1 has a total of over 2,527 Lions members in over 90 clubs. There are 4 new Charter Clubs namely:- LCS Clover, LCS Centennial, LCS Millennium and LCS Centennial Oxley.

This achievement bears testament to the high Lionism proficiency and strong Lionistic culture in strong bonding, healthy fellowship, service activities and initiatives to the needy community espoused by the members. Hence, Growth, Retention and Extension in membership forms the cornerstone of Lionism from one FY term to the next.

I hope, you will always remember my slogan… “Scaling New Heights in Lionism” and when you enjoy your commitment, passion, dedication and satisfaction will follow.

In ending, I wish all of you have happiness and joy as you continue to serve and scale greater heights to “Follow Your Dreams”.

God bless all.

ROAR !!!

Yours in Lionism

Centennial District Governor

Gilbert P.C. Tan

(F/Y 2016/17)

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