New Appointment of Global Action Team GMT Area Leader

Dear POA, Cabinet Officer and Club Presidents

My fellow Lions,

I take great pleasure and am honour to announce, on behalf of Lions Clubs International, Past District Governor Bobby Eng is appointed to be the 2017-2020 Global Action Team, serving as the GMT Area Leader assigned to Multiple District 301, 308 and District 204.

The Global Action Team consists of the GLT, GMT and GFT. By working together as one team, “The Global Action Team”.

District 308-A1 is proud of PDG Bobby Eng’s appointment as GMT Area Leader and we are confident that his ongoing dedication will benefit our world largest service organisation “LCI” and MD308.

Congratulations to PDG Bobby Eng on his next level of Lionism journey to “We Serve”.

Yours in Lionism,

CDG Gilbert P.C. Tan (2016/17)

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